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XS-365 AccuMAX™ Sensor Detector (254 nm to 555 nm Wavelength Available)

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AccuMAX sensor detectors are designed to meet virtually any laboratory, life science or specialty UV application. These detectors feature water-resistant, sealed sensor housings, superior bandpass interference filters and excellent cosine response. Single-wavelength detectors are available in both standard range (XS-series), ideal for checking the intensity of fluorescent UV tubes and HID UV bulbs, and extended range (XTS-series), useful for measuring high-intensity light sources used in curing and photoactivation applications.

Also available are a single-wavelength visible illuminance detector (XS-555/I) and a luminance detector (XS-555/L). In addition, a dual-wavelength UV/VIS sensor detector (XDS-1000) is available to measure both UV-A and visible light, useful for industrial inspections. All sensors can easily be connected to the readout unit either directly or with a standard USB cable. A special 5 foot (1.5 m) USB cable with water resistant adapter (XCB-100) is available as an accessory.

Made in USA


The perfect accessory for the AccuMAX Series meter. Ideal for technicians performing radiographic examinations.

What’s included

XS-300 AccuMAX™ Sensor Detector

Key Features

Model Sensor Spectral Range Range In Units
XS-254 UV-C 230 - 280nm 0 - 100 mW/cm2
XS-300 UV-B 280 - 320nm 0 - 100mW/CM2
XS-365 UV-A 320 - 420nm 0 - 100mW/cm2
XS-405 UV-V 395 - 415nm 0 - 100mW/cm2
XS-450 Bilirubin 420 - 480nm 0 - 100mW/cm2
XS-555/I Visible illuminance 460 - 675nm 0 - 5,300 lux (0 - 500 fc)
XS-555/L Visible luminance 555nm 0 - 1,000,000 cd/m²
0 - 90,000 cd/ft²
0 - 285,000 fL
XDS-1000 UV-A / Visible illuminance 460 - 675nm 0 - 5,300 lux (0 - 500 fc)

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