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With the dizzying array of Flashlights, Portable Lamps, and Flood Lamps on the market today selecting the appropriate UV-A product is critical to an operator’s success in the field. Will your products be used for Magnetic Particle Inspection, Crime Scene Investigation, Paint Curing, Leak Detection, or any other specialized applications? Increasing regulatory requirements within certain industries add to the equation when selecting your inspection products. Primary factors to consider when selecting a UV-A Product include Read More Here.


Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) 

The American Society for Nondestructive Testing, Inc. (ASNT) 


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The British Institute Of Non-Destructive Testing

"Magnetic Particle Examination"
By Jim Worman, Senior Staff Engineer


Magnetic particle examination (MT) is a very popular, low-cost method to perform nondestructive examination (NDE) of ferromagnetic material. Ferromagnetic is defined in ASME Section V as Read More Here.

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Forensics & Security


International Association for Identification (IAI)


The American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS)

"Economical Light Sources: Detecting and Collecting Luminescent Evidence Using Forensic LED Lamp Kits" By Phil Sanfilippo, Director and Instructor


There are many types of materials that emit light when they are excited by electromagnetic radiation. Some of these materials tend to be useful as evidence in forensic investigations. This article will briefly outline the mechanics of luminescence, its use in forensics, and discuss the use of inexpensive LED Forensic Light Source Kits. Luminescence is the term we use to describe a material’s Read More Here