Recalibration Requirements for Field Meters with Separate Components (XRP-3000 and DSE-2000 kits)

Spectro-UV ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Certificate

Spectro-UV ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Important Information:

Meter = Sensor (eyes) + Readout Unit (brain)

One does not work without the other, therefore both parts must be calibrated together to have calibration stickers with same date provided – this is CRITICAL for auditors to ensure semi-annual or annual recalibrations are performed properly.

We only recalibrate sensors (single or dual) and then connect the readout unit to verify the microprocessor and software are functioning properly. Once both parts are performed each component will get stickers with same date reflecting appropriate part no. and serial no.


To send a product to us for Recalibration, you must first obtain a Return Material Authorization Number (RMA#) using the steps below.

Shipments will not be accepted without an RMA#.

All shipments to us are to be prepaid, unless specifically authorized in writing by us. International shipments shall be sent with Duties and Taxes to you, unless specifically authorized in writing by us.

Contact us using one of the Recalibration Request Form on this page below.


Provide us will detailed information in the Problem Description section, including but not limited to:

        • Detailed Reason for Recalibration
        • Are you the Point of Contact? (Name, Email and Phone Number)
        • Product Description & Spectro-UV Model # *
        • Product Serial # *
        • Clearly Define Problem / Issue *
        • Standard Calibration is 6 Months unless otherwise specified by the customer *

*This will help us in the creation of an RMA# for you. Specify issue for each Product & Serial #.


Your request will be processed and an RMA# will be issued to you via E-mail along with instructions for returning the item(s) for Recalibration.


  • Before shipping Meter for Recalibrations or Service, customers shall decontaminate all components (sensors, readout unit and all associated housings) as per Preventive Maintenance section of the Operator’s Manual for your meter.
  • All Components shall be bagged to prevent further fluorescent recontamination within the carrying case. This process will shorten the recalibration lead time.
  • If decontamination is not performed, Spectro-UV may reject meter or additional charges will be applied for decontamination service.
  • All sensors and digital readout units must be returned together for the same calibration date to appear on all certificates and calibration stickers.
  • Please indicate on your RMA document whether an annual or semi-annual calibration interval is required; if not specified Spectro-UV default will be annual.
  • Include with your shipment your Billing Address details, Delivery Address details and the RMA# we have provided to you.
  • State clearly on your shipping documents that it is a “RECALIBRATION”. Any additional expenses in terms of customs duties and tariffs are to be paid by the Customer.
  • On the shipping box, mark clearly RECALIBRATION and the RMA#.



  • All papers and boxes are to be clearly marked RETURNED AMERICAN GOODS.
  • No returns will be made without the detailed instructions and necessary documents described in these Instructions.
  • When it comes time for us to return and re-export to you, please spell out what documentation you need if more than an invoice.



  •  Spectro-UV will evaluate the RECALIBRATION in a timely manner.
  • If the product can be RECALIBRATED, Spectro-UV will email a Quote for services; if not, an email will be sent with a description of the issues, giving the customer an opportunity to respond.
  • We request that our Customer contact us via email within a maximum of (10) ten business days to either approve or not approve the repair/service costs.
  • Once approved, Spectro-UV will complete the RECALIBRATION in a timely manner.


Note: If a Proforma Invoice is issued, once payment is received, Spectro-UV will complete repairs. If our customer has payment terms, they will be invoiced accordingly.

Important Note:
If we have not heard anything from the customer within (6) six months, the goods will be destroyed and disposed of as we see fit.

Recalibration Request Form
To send a product to us for Recalibration, you must first obtain a Return Material Authorization Number (RMA#) using the steps below.
Please use as much detail as possible to give a clear and concise description of the problem you are having.