ISO/IEC 17025 Calibration Service Available

ISO 17025 Calibration for Radiometer and Photometers

To provide the best level of service to our customers Spectro-UV, the Global leader in the design and manufacture of Ultra-Violet Lamps and Radiometers is proud to be an ISO/IEC 17025 Certified Calibration Facility since 2018. ASTM recommends 6 month calibration cycle on all Radiometer recalibrations. Spectro-UV now offers 5 business day turn around time after receipt of product.

Certificate of Accredidation for ISO 17025

 ISO 17025 Calibration of Radiometers offers a distinct advantage over standard ASTM Calibration, providing a more comprehensive and internationally recognized framework for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of measurements. One of the primary benefits lies in the broader scope of ISO 17025, which encompasses not only calibration procedures but also addresses the competence of the calibration laboratory. This standard requires laboratories to demonstrate their proficiency through stringent quality management practices, ensuring that the entire calibration process, from equipment handling to data analysis, adheres to rigorous standards. This holistic approach enhances the overall reliability of radiometric measurements by instilling confidence in the capabilities and expertise of the calibration facility.

Another significant advantage of ISO 17025 Calibration is its focus on continuous improvement. Laboratories adhering to this standard are required to implement a robust quality management system that includes regular internal audits and management reviews. This commitment to ongoing enhancement fosters a culture of continuous improvement, resulting in more refined and reliable calibration processes over time. Therefore, organizations seeking the highest level of precision and reliability in radiometric measurements often opt for ISO 17025 Calibration to benefit from its comprehensive and dynamic quality assurance framework.

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