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Classic Series Dual Beam LED 365nm Ultraviolet (UV-A) Blacklight and White Light Lamp (Also available in foreign voltages) P/N CLA-100

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Classic Series model CLA-100 is an ASTM E3022 Compliant, Portable, High Intensity Ultraviolet (UV-A) Blacklight and White Light Lamp at a great value. 

What makes CLA-100 different from the other models?

  • ASTM E3022 Compliant
  • Two 365nm Ultraviolet (UV-A)LED's and one white light LED
  • 9 Foot AC cord set 

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Nominal Steady-State UV-A Intensity at 5700 uW/cm2
UV-A Coverage Area: 6 in (15.2 cm)
Visible Light Measurement: 0.2 foot-candles (2.2 lux)
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Model CLA-100 Handheld 365nm Ultraviolet (UV-A) Lamp, meticulously engineered to meet the stringent standards of ASTM E1444 and E3022, ensuring exceptional performance and reliability in fluorescent inspection applications. With instant-on operation, this lamp reaches full UV-A and white light intensity immediately upon activation, eliminating any delays and maximizing efficiency in inspection processes. Equipped with a UV-A pass filter, the CLA-100 minimizes visible light while enhancing UV light output, providing optimal fluorescence detection in various materials. Its fan-less mechanical cooling system ensures consistent UV-A intensity even during extended use, maintaining peak performance without any noise distractions. Engineered with long-lasting LED bulbs, the CLA-100 guarantees durability and longevity, making it a dependable tool for professionals who demand precision and reliability in their inspection tasks. Experience unparalleled performance and effortless operation with the CLA-100 Handheld 365nm Ultraviolet (UV-A) Lamp, setting new standards in fluorescent inspection technology.

What’s included

Comes complete with Classic Series Dual Function LED Inspection Lamp with lanyard, 9 Foot AC Cord set, UV Absorbing Spectacles, Carrying Case For Spectacles, Protective Carrying Case.

Key Features

  • ASTM E1444 and E3022 compliant
  • Instant-on operation. Reaches full UV-A/White Light Intensity immediately.
  • Lamp is equipped with UV-A Pass filter to minimize visible light and increase UV light
  • Fan-less mechanical cooling keeps light source cool to maintain optimum UV-A intensity during extended use.
  • Lamp was designed with long lasting LED bulbs

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