Forensics & Security

Countless crimes are solved with the help of ultraviolet and blue light technology. Law enforcement officials, crime laboratories, forensic & security professionals around the world rely on Spectroline Ultraviolet (UV) and Blue Light inspection products for a wide array of criminal investigations and security applications.

Spectroline offers a wide variety of inspection lamps, Ultraviolet (UV-A) viewing cabinets, and safety equipment specially designed to meet the exacting demands of crime-scene investigations, security requirements and forensic laboratory work. In addition, most Spectroline products are CE approved and UL listed. Spectroline products are easy to use, budget friendly, and save significant time and effort in finding and gathering potential evidence.

Ultraviolet (UV) and Blue Light lamps are ideal for:

Latent Fingerprint Examination

Ultraviolet (UV-A) and blue light lamps enable crime scene investigators and forensic labs to see fingerprints developed with fluorescent materials.

Analysis Of Blood And Bodily Fluids

When exposed to Ultraviolet (UV-A) or blue light sources, bodily fluids and fluorescent-treated blood samples glow brightly and become easy to see.

Arson Investigation

Fire inspectors can actually see residual accelerant that has not been consumed by fire. Under Ultraviolet (UV-A) light, splash marks from chemical fuels on walls, floors, furniture and carpeting becomes instantly visible.

Document Verification

Driver’s licenses, passports, credit cards and many other official documents that have invisible fluorescent markings become visible and can be quickly and easily verified under Ultraviolet (UV-A) light by a security professional.

Visitor Management / Readmission Control

Security professionals need to track visitors and guests at public place, including parties, theme parks, racetracks, concerts, stadiums, clubs, fairs, theatres and similar venues, as well as voting booths, swimming pools and private clubs. This invisible ink marking method is also used in prisons worldwide to track inmates as they are moved from one location to another, and to keep track of visitors to correctional institutions.

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