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UV Absorbing Safety Glasses, Red P/N 125451

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Essential accessory for Forensic Investigators working in the field uncovering evidence to solve crimes. Model 125451 Red UV Absorbing spectacles pair perfectly with Spectro-UV Optimax™ Mult-Lite LED Forensic Inspection Field Kits such as model OFK-8000A.



In professions like Forensic Investigation, Law Enforcement, or Crime Labs, specialized equipment is crucial, including Ultraviolet Absorbing Spectacles like model 125451. These Red Ultraviolet Absorbing Spectacles play a vital role in crime investigation, evidence discovery, and solving cases when paired with a Spectro-UV Optimax™ Multi-Lite LED Flashlight.

Designed to seamlessly fit over prescription eyeglasses, the Red Ultraviolet Absorbing Spectacles prioritize comfort during extended periods of wear, whether in the field investigating crime scenes, collecting evidence, or working in a crime lab. Crafted from durable Polycarbonate materials, these spectacles are built to withstand the most rugged work environments.

The UV-absorbing material in the 125451 Red Ultraviolet Absorbing Spectacles adheres to OSHA standard 1910.133 for eye and face protection, providing protection against 99.9% of Ultraviolet (UV) Light. Employ these spectacles to identify Ninhydrin treated samples, fibers, or enhance sample contrast. Model 125451 Red Ultraviolet Absorbing Spectacles stand as an essential accessory for any work environment that necessitates the use of Ultraviolet Lights.

What’s included

Comes complete with 1 pair of 125451 Spectroline® NDT Red UV Absorbing Spectacles.

Key Features

  • ANSI Z87+U6 Certified
  • Identifies Enhanced Ninhydrin treated samples with background reduction, fibers
  • Identifies Fluorescent background on sample contrast
  • Designed for long wearing comfort
  • Made from Impact Resistant and Shatterproof Polycarbonate material
  • Anti Fogging Lenses
  • Rounded nose bridge for added support

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