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MAXIMA 35 Watt Micro Discharge Light (MDL) Bulb (For Model BLE-35RA, BLE-35RAF, BLE-35PRA) (CE Approved) P/N 119584

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119584 35 Watt Micro Discharge Light (MDL) Bulb for Model BLE-35RA, BLE-35RAF, BLE-35PRA.  Using genuine Spectroline®NDT accessories and replacement parts ensures that lamps will operate at their optimum performance.

Brochure User manual

What’s included

Comes complete with one 119584 MAXIMA™ 35 Watt MDL Bulb.

Key Features

  • Rated Voltage (V): 85
  • Wattage (W): 35 +/- 0,3
  • Luminous Flux (lm): 1500 +/-10%
  • UV-emission:
    UV-A (315nm - 400nm): 5.3 W
    UV-B (280nm - 315nm): 1.3 W
    UV-C (250nm - 280nm): 0.7 W
    10% reduction at: 500 h
    30% reduction at: 2000 h
  • Maintenance at 1500h: 70%
  • Rated life at 85V:
    - B50: 1500h
  • Maximum operating temperatures:
    850 °C max. bulb
    350 °C max. pinch
  • Operating Position: Horizontal +/-10°
  • Base: P32d
  • Remarks
    * The lamp can only be used in conjunction with a elec-tronic ballast and starter
    * The lamp is not designed to withstand a ‘fast run-up’
    * The lamp can be relit directly after switch off ‘hot restrike’
    * The lamp should be used in closed luminaires only
    * The lamp should be mount-ed with the leadback wire on the bottom
    * Avoid direct contact with the glass bulb with bare hands
    * The lamp contains mercury

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