Selecting UV-A Inspection Products


With the dizzying array of UV-A Flashlights, Portable Blacklight Lamps, and Ultraviolet Flood Lamps on the market today selecting the appropriate Ultraviolet (UV-A) Light product is critical to an operator’s success in the field. Will your products be used for Magnetic Particle Inspection, Crime Scene Investigation, Paint Curing, Leak Detection, or any other specialized applications? Increasing regulatory requirements within certain industries add to the equation when selecting your inspection products. Primary factors to consider when selecting a Ultraviolet (UV-A) Product include Peak Wavelength, Ultraviolet (UV-A) Light Intensity, Ultraviolet (UV-A) Light Coverage Area, Power Requirements, Environmental Concerns, and Regulatory Requirements.

What is Peak Wavelength of Ultraviolet (UV-A) Light?

The Standard Peak Wavelength for UV light or “Blacklight” is between 320 and 400 nanometers (nm). When working in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and using fluorescent penetrants the UV-A Product should generate a peak wavelength of 365nm. NDT UV light source products have become synonymous with 365 nm.  UV curing works best at high intensity.  When working in Forensics, Blue Light is preferred with a peak wavelength of 254nm. 

What is Ultraviolet (UV-A) Light Intensity & Coverage Area

When evaluating any UV-A product it is essential to determine your light intensity and coverage area requirements at 15 inches (38 cm). How much area are you trying to cover and how much light do you need to be illuminated in the area? Flashlights typically offer the least coverage area while flood lamps offer the most. 

What is Ultraviolet (UV-A) Light Power Requirements

Are you planning on using the UV-A product for inspecting welds in a shop with direct access to power or in the field at a crime scene? Modern products offer both rechargeable batteries and AC power solutions. Improvements in battery technology have allowed for battery-powered products to provide high-intensity light for extended periods of time.


Environmental Concerns

As an Inspector, you may be working in environments prone to dirt, dust, and water. If this is the case it would be suggested to invest in ruggedized products that are dust-tight, water-resistant, and IP-rated.

Ultraviolet Regulatory Requirements

When working in highly regulated industries it is expected that operators are utilizing products certified to the Industry Standards. Standards are established by organizations such as Rolls-Royce, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Many products on the market today are designed with these rigorous standards in mind, as well as Conformite Europeenne(CE) requirements. Make sure the products you chose actually meet these claims.

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