Radiometers/Photometers for NDT

Spectro-UV offers advanced meters with dual wavelength sensors for UV, Blue, and Visible wavelengths. Compact, lightweight, and battery operated, for convenient use in the field. Many of our meters are tested to comply with ASTM E2297 standards.

XP-2000 Photometer
AccuPRO™ Series
Digital Radiometers
Fast, accurate readings in the
palm of your hand.
Can measure UV / Visible / Blue Wavelengths.
XRP-3000 AccuMAX
AccuMAX™ Series
Digital Radiometer/Photometer Kit
Advanced, Microprocessor-Controlled
System. Measures Both Visible and
UV Using One Sensor Detector.
DM-365xa Radiometer
Economical Meter Measures UV Light