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SPMG-8 Spectro-Glo-8

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Forest green powder, odorless for Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT). Intended for dilution in oil.

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Spectro-Glo SPMG-8 is fluorescent yellow-green particles used with SpectroSol M, a refined petroleum distillate. It is designed to be used with UV-A light to detect fine discontinuities, such as those associated with the steel rolling, forming, machining, welding and heat treatment processes. The sizing of the SPMG-8 particle typically ranges from 1 to 5 μm, with an average of 3 μm. It meets or exceeds AMS 3044 and all applicable industry specifications. SPMG-8 particles improve accuracy and  visual clarity in presenting critical discontinuities to the human eye.

What’s included

1 Pound container of SPMG-8

Key Features

Physical Characteristics: Forest green powder, odorless for Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT). Intended for dilution in  oil
Particle Certification: Particles meet or exceed all relevant industry specifications, including but not limited to ASTM E 1444, AMS 3044, MIL-STD-271, NAVSEA 250-1500-1 and NTR-1E. Certification is included with each shipment.
Particle Color: Fluorescent Yellow-Green
Average Particle Size: 3 μm
ASMS Standard: 3044
SAE Sensitivity: 8*
Temperature Range: 32-120°F (0-49°C)
Safety Date Sheet: Technical Bulletin 8

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