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SpectroSol-1 Spectro-Glo SpectroSol M

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Clear, water-white liquid, odorless carrier oil for Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT).

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Spectro-Glo SpectroSol-1  is a high flashpoint, refined petroleum distillate designed with high clarity, low-fluorescence and no odor characteristics specifically for use in magnetic particle inspection. For optimum inspection performance in an oil media, SpectroSol-1 should be used with Spectro-Glo magnetic inspection particles.

What’s included

5 Gallon Jug of SpectroSol-1

Key Features

Physical Characteristics: Clear, water-white liquid, odorless carrier oil for Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT).
Particle Certification: Every batch of SpectroSol-1 meets or exceeds the requirements of applicable military and industrial specifications, including but not limited to AMS 3161, AMS 2641 and A-A-59230. Certification is included with each shipment.
ASMS Standard: 2641, 3161
Temperature Range: 32-120°F (0-49°C)
Safety Date Sheet: Technical Bulletin 1

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