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CLA-100Z & SPMG-9 Magnetic Particle Inspection Bundle

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New from Spectro-UV, an Magnetic Particle Inspection Kit for Nondestructive Test (NDT) Professionals.  Pairing model CLA-100Z Classic Series Dual Function LED Lamp & SPMG-9 Spectro-Glo-9 Fluorescent Magnetic Particle together. CLA-100Z Classic Series Dual Beam LED Lamp With Internal Li-Ion battery is a CE Approved, ASTM E3022 Compliant light source featuring two high intensity UV-A LED's & one white LED. Spectro-Glo SPMG-9 fluorescent yellow green particles premixed with powdered wetting agent for use in water media. SPMG-9 is designed to be used with UV-A light to detect very fine discontinuities in finished products. The wetting agent is slow foaming with excellent wetting characteristics.

Nominal Steady-State UV-A Intensity at 5700 uW/cm2
UV-A Coverage Area: 6 in (15.25 cm)
Brochure User manual Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS)

What’s included

Bundle comes complete with CLA-100Z Classic Series Dual Function LED Lamp & SPMG-9 Spectro-Glo-9 Forest Green Powder.

Key Features

  • CLA-100Z: ASTM E3022 Compliant, Portable, High Intensity Lamp at a great value. 
  • SPMG-9 Spectro-Glo-9: Forest green powder with a slight detergent odor for Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT). Intended for dilution in water

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