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CLA-100Z Classic Series Dual Beam LED Lamp With Internal Li-Ion Battery (CE Approved) (Also available in foreign voltages)

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ASTM E3022 Compliant, Portable, High Intensity Lamp at a great value. 

Nominal Steady-State UV-A Intensity at 5700 uW/cm2
UV-A Coverage Area: 6 in (15.25 cm)
Model & Plug Type
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The Classic Series Dual Function LED Inspection Lamp Kit contains the CLA-100Z, a handheld, portable light source featuring two ultra-high intensity UV-A LED’s & one white LED. The lamp handle is ergonomically designed and features a fan-less cooling system. The CLA-100Z is ideal for fluorescent magnetic particle and penetrant testing and other specialized applications.

What’s included

Comes complete with Classic Series Dual Function LED Inspection Lamp with lanyard, Smart Charger Power Supply,AC Cord set, UV Absorbing Spectacles, Carrying Case For Spectacles, Protective Carrying Case.

Key Features

•ASTM E1444 and E3022 compliant
•Battery Run Time: 7 Hours

Battery Charge Time: 2.5 Hours
•Instant-on operation. Reaches full UV-A/White Light Intensity immediately.
•Lamp is equipped with UV-A Pass filter to minimize visible light and increase UV light
•Fan-less mechanical cooling keeps light source cool to maintain optimum UV-A intensity during extended use.
•Lamp was designed with long lasting LED bulbs

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