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Spectro-UV is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality, ultraviolet equipment. These state-of-the-art products are built to exacting standards to serve laboratory research and life science applications that require uncompromising quality and reliable. In fact, a Nobel-prize winning scientist used our equipment to do groundbreaking electrophoresis research that will benefit mankind as part of the Human Genome Project!

For researchers, Spectroline offers a wide range of products, including crosslinkers, UV-A lamps, digital radiometers, fluorescence analysis viewing cabinets and work stations, in addition to protective eye and face wear. Most all of our products are CSA and CSE approved, and UL listed.

Spectroline offers a wide variety of inspection lamps, UV viewing cabinets, crosslinkers and specially designed to meet the exacting demands of laboratory work. In addition, most Spectroline products are CE approved and UL listed. Spectroline products are easy to use, budget friendly, and save significant time and effort in the laboratory.

Spectroline Laboratory products include:

UV Crosslinkers

One of the persistent problems facing researchers who work with nucleic acids is that genetic materials can be damaged by the very processes used to study them.

UV crosslinking has proven to be a fast, easy, and effective procedure to avoid the loss of nucleic acids during the hybridization process leading to increased sensitivity and enhanced signals. Our Spectrolinker™ series are the most advance, versatile and accurate UV crosslinkers available to address this concern. We also offer the Select™ series of UV crosslinkers, created specifically for the needs of researchers with limited budgets.

Fluorescence Analysis Viewing Cabinets and Work Stations

Fluorescence analysis work stations enable life science researchers to view and take photographic images of electrophorestically separated nucleic acids. These images can be documented onto print or film for further scanning and densitometric analysis. Spectro-UV workstations utilize darkroom cabinets for convenient viewing, analyzing or photographing of fluorescent samples with epi-illumination and trans-illumination light sources. Our full line of viewing cabinets offers a variety of different work sample sizes, long, medium and short-wave UV lamps options and are useful for numerous applications.

Ultraviolet Lamps

Spectro-UV has a full line of UV lamps, including the compact, lightweight and portable battery-operated MiniMAX™ Series of hand-held UV lamps, the E-Series of corded lamps which offers an extensive variety of sizes and wavelengths to perfect for any application that requires optimized UV irradiance. Our X-Series of UV bench/display lamps are ideally

Digital Radiometers/Photometers

Designed for maximum accuracy and versatility, Spectroline digital radiometers offer a variety of features for measuring ultraviolet (UV-A) and visible light (VIS). All our radiometers are housed in durable polycarbonate and are lightweight, battery-operated and portable. Units feature solid-state electro-optical circuitry for long, trouble-free operation and minimal maintenance.

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