UV Gem Inspection

Gem / Mineral Inspection

The fluorescence of gems and gemstones is a result of UV radiation absorbed by the impurities or structural flaws of the stones. Ultraviolet fluorescence is used by gemologists, jewelers and collectors to separate the artificial gemstones from the real, or in determining if the gemstone has been heat-treated. A Spectro-UV UV light can be used on a large sample of stones, saving time and money.

Similarly, the fluorescence of minerals is best viewed under UV light conditions. The color variations displayed by certain minerals are a result of impurities, called activators, which absorb the ultraviolet radiation and emit visible light and heat. Different minerals emit different colors, making identification simple and easy. Scientists and hobbyists alike can perform their work in the field with a Spectro-UV cordless UV lamp to view limitless minerals in their natural environment.