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PowerMAX 365 365nm UV-A LED Panel Flood Lamp (Also available in foreign voltages) (PM-16B)

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PowerMAX™ 365 Series flood lamps feature a panel of  powerful UV-A (365nm) and Visible Light LED’s  specifically engineered for Nondestructive testing applications. These versatile, stationary light sources can be installed overhead, in line or ganged together with RP-CGPM-01 to provide an even wider range of coverage area. Ideal for NDT inspection booths, fluorescent penetrant and magnetic particle inspection, screening of fluorescent particles, wash station inspection and many other applications requiring maximum uniformity of UV-A coverage over a large area.

 What Makes the PM-16B different from our other models?

  • 16 UV-A (365nm) LED’s
  • 4 White LED’S
  • UV-A Coverage Area of 23.6 x 10.63 In (60 x 27 cm ) at 15 inches
Nominal Steady-State UV-A Intensity at 6,500 uW/cm2
UV-A Coverage Area: 16 x 6 In (40.6 x 15.2 cm)
Visible Light Measurement: <1 foot-candle (<10 lux)
Model & Plug Type
Brochure Intensity profiles User manual

What’s included

Comes complete with PowerMAX™ 365 365nm UV-A LED Panel Flood Lamp, Power Cord, Chain and Hooks.

Key Features

•Long lasting LED's with expected lifetime of 40,000 hours.
•Gangable – link lamps together using single power source for greater coverage area
•SPDT toggle switch to easily switch between UV-A and White Light
•Integrated Electronic Intensity Control switch to adjust light intensity.
•Mechanically cooled system with built in fan to ensure light source maintains
optimum UV-A intensity during extended use.
•Integral UV-A Pass Filter

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