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Pie Gauge Magnetic Field Indicator (PG-1)

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Model PG-1, Magnetic Pie Field Indicator designed for Inspection Professionals performing Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT). 




PG-1 is manufactured to comply with the following Specifications:
  • ASTM E709-95
  • ASTM E1444-01
  • ISO 9934-2: 2002
  • NAVSEA 271-97
  • ASME Section V, Article 7; T-762; I-753

Note: MIL-STD-1949A, and 6868E, may have been applicable at one time, but may have been cancelled by the issuer. This Pie Gauge may also be applicable to other Reference Specifications, where similar field direction indications are required.

What’s included

Comes complete with PG-1 Pie Gauge Magnetic Field Indicator and protective carrying case.

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